"To contribute towards the infrastructural development of the nation."

The most essential aspect that is required for a country to be competitive on the global front is to have a strong foundation that puts a firm hold of its roots. Believing that one of the roots that gives such a sturdy basis for the economical development of a country is its infrastructure, Delhi Mill Stores focus on the infrastructural development of the economy.

"To consistently and speedily supply quality materials of industrial nature, for every project and industry which has the endeavor towards the development of the country and thereby act as a catalyst in the overall growth of the economy."

Understanding the sensitivity of on-time supplies of materials for any new or ongoing project or industry, Delhi Mill Stores has a clear-cut direction of being consistent in its deliveries. With due respect to quality, we make it a point to build up a system of efficiently procuring materials and delivering them to the site of our clients at the most competitive rates. Another key aspect that makes our clients in bond with us is the timely delivery that we commit.

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